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Ellen Millar, RYT and Graduate of the Yoga for Seniors Masters Class, Duke Integrative Medicine


Ellen came to yoga in 2015 at the age of 74 when routine tasks became difficult and just trying to survive was the daily goal. A Groupon offer at Perennial Yoga and Meditation was her introduction to a new life. After one month of consistent yoga classes, there were huge improvements in flexibility, balance, and she had emotional peace along with a new zest for life. 

Wanting to share her “transformative” experience, Ellen envisioned a program for others with limitations. This became her new “life purpose”.  Ellen graduated from Perennial’s Wisdom Teacher Training at in 2016.  In November, 2017 Ellen attend Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Master Class of Yoga for Seniors, an evidence-based program that included training from medical professionals and leading yoga teachers.  She is also certified to teach Chair and Restorative Yoga. 

Ellen began teaching “Easy Yoga Plus!” at the Fitchburg Senior Center in 2016.  She has taught at senior apartment complexes in the Madison area, and now  at Perennial.  She has been a presenter on the “Aging Process and the Benefits of Yoga” for the Mastery of Aging program throughout the area.  Educating the community, both the elderly and their family members, about the aging process and the substantial benefits from a yoga practice is an important message she is emphatic about sharing. 

Easy Yoga Plus! is yoga designed to teach muscles new movements and is slow and focused so the student has time to access and become aware of their body. Emphasis on mindfulness and breathing are key elements of this practice.  The Plus! includes helpful insights to daily routines, the aging process, and creative ways to access poses for those with limitations.  A goal is to strengthen muscles and improve balance and flexibility.  Music, inspiring poetry, and visualization add to the yoga philosophy and postures that keep her classes fresh and exciting.  

Join Ellen’s class and begin the journey to a revitalized life. She welcomes everyone, especially their limitations!

"Love Yourself"


                                                  Self-Care Is Important                   

"Experience Transformation"


                   Take the Hard First Step - You Will Be Glad You Did

See a Class of "Easy Yoga Plus!" lead by Ellen


At the “ripe” old age of 74, Ellen came to yoga with significant limitations in a desperate search for a solution...  An introductory offer to yoga classes at Perennial Yoga and Meditation in Fitchburg caught her eye and transformation began.  

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