Ellen puts the wonderful in The Wonder of Yoga. She will inspire you and show you how yoga can make you feel more alive. 

~ Meg S.

Good Teacher

Ellen, you are a good teacher—I admire what you do and have accomplished. I have been blessed to come to your classes. God Bless You.  

~ Nancy C.

Definitely Recommend

I would definitely recommend this class to any senior citizen. This is achievable for the age level that we are. Also great teacher and affordable. 

~ Nancy


I enjoy the yoga class very much and have learned so much. Ellen, you are a good teacher.  

~ Doris Y.

One of the Best

I've taken many different yoga classes with a lot of different instructors.  Ellen is definitely One of the Best.

~ Joseph

MSCR and GCC Student Comments

I never knew that a hour a week would have so much benefit!   --MSCR student

I did Hatha Yoga 10-14 years ago. Thought it would be fun to take "Easy Yoga Plus!"  Really appreciated using props........I like the way Ellen changed it up every session adding new poses and exercises.  Thank You!  --MSCR student

Your modifications are extremely helpful - also the tips, such as using your hands to help you remember how to bend.  Very beneficial to establish the pose properly!  Thanks!!     --MSCR student

I love the gentle progressive strengthening movements.  My mile+ walk home from Goodman Center is always peppier after an hour of yoga.                           --GCC student

Just a wonderfully relaxing and learning experience.  Looking forward to the next class.    --GCC student

Yoga is a way of love and light.  --GCC student

Yoga is very rewarding and healthful.  Love the hour class       --GCC student

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